502 Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding Definition:  Bodybuilding is the use of progressive resistance exercise to control and develop one’s musculature for aesthetic purposes.  An individual who engages in this activity is referred to as a bodybuilder. - wikipedia

Mission:  To create a Premiere brand that unifies the Bodybuilding community across all demographic segments in the 502 area code.  

History:  502 Bodybuilding was incorporated to create a local brand that represents the Athletic/Health/Wellness community of resources within the 502 area code.

The brand was established to unite competitors and serious non-competitors alike that span all gyms and micro communities across the 502 area code. 

Products and Services:

-  Apparel - Pants, Shirts, Duffels, Straps etc.

-  Training Plans - Downloadable training plans available based on clients goals, objectives and time frames.

-  Custom Nutrition Plans - Downloadable nutrition plans tailored and developed to meet your specific needs.

-  Nutritional Frameworks - Grocery shopping lists with foundational foods to makeup a sound nutritional plan. 

-  Meal Plan Recipes - Macro based recipes for all your meal prep needs.  

-  Supplement plans - Base level and - Professional level OTC supplement plans offered based on personal budget and goals.

-  Performance Enhancing Supplements - (AAS, Peptide, GH, Insulin) educational material available upon request.

-  Contest Prep Coaching procurement. - 502 Bodybuilding will connect you with Industry leading contest prep coaches based on your location, objectives and personality style.

-  Posing Coaching procurement - 502 Bodybuilding will connect you with local IFBB pros, posing coaches and posing clinics to ensure you present your best look on stage.  

-  Personal Training procurement - 502 Bodybuilding offers connections with local industry leading trainers.

Contact Info:  502bodybuilding@gmail.com